We don’t believe in the hand-me down model whereby we give you fish to eat but instead we teach you how to fish.

We empower people to make them aware of resources available that will enable them to grow and build.

At International Minority Hub (IMH), we have identified that the real challenges for minority groups, refugees and immigrants in New Hampshire is not the lack of skill sets or motivation, but the lack of access and training to utilize available resources.

We support our clients with a wide variety of programs ranging from Immigration Assistance, Affordable Care Act (ACA), Computer Literacy, Transportation, Employment Assistance, Financial Literacy, Business Startups and Partnerships. This is but a small glimpse at our current programs in 2015.

We are a resource center with over 1000 networks in specialized areas of service and a database of 15,000+ contacts…..

We are a central point and a bridge between clients, community groups and private industries, government agencies and local/international NGOs.

We connect minority groups, refugees and immigrants to resources available through Education, Health Initiatives, Immigration and employment which in turn provides them with a clear road map on how to navigate these resources to ensure the best possible outcome for them and their communities.